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Setting up a Corporate or Club Account

Setting up a Corporate or Club Account

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Setting up a Corporate or Club Account

So, it’s that time of year again and you need to organise your club or corporate clothing order. But every year it is such a hassle- waiting for people to confirm, not knowing what sizes they need, trying to collect payments from everyone and all the other problems that come with organising a large group.

Not to worry because Titch Designs has got you covered. We can create a corporate or club account for you!

Simply fill out the information and we will get started on looking at different clothing for you based on your preferences. And that is not even the best part- here at Titch Designs we don't charge you to setup and run this service! The only thing that you will need to pay for is the initial one off £15 set up fee for digitising and testing your logo which we charge for all logo digitisations. This fee simply covers the time it takes to draw the logo and the materials used to test it to ensure that the design stitches to the highest quality.

Whether it is your company or your members buying the items let us deal with all the organising- all you have to do is select from the range of clothing, accessories, etc, that you have chosen.

Please note that just because an item isn't on our website as a standard product does not mean we can't provide it- we are able to supply a whole range of workwear, sportswear, and protective gear.

To learn more you can look at our 'Setting up a Corporate or Club account' page or simply contact us at:


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