About Titch Designs

We are a personalised embroidery and art brand which specialises in custom made apparel.

Our dream is to make fashion that matters to you and doesn't cost the Earth (literally). We look at supplying quirky bespoke clothing, accessories and homeware as well as offering a bespoke service for company clothing or to make the clothing more personal to our customers.

Titch Designs also looks at sustainability as a key part of our identity and our main aims in the fashion industry in order to fight against the impact of fast fashion.



About the Creative Director- Titch

The founder of Titch Designs, Titch, is a BA Fashion Design graduate who studied her degree at UCA, Rochester and later went on to obtain her MA Fashion Design.

She has always had a love for art and textile design developing into a love for the fashion industry. Her goal is to create lively clothing which is important to the wearer and tries to reduce the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet. 

For more information and to view Titch's previous work please visit the 'Portfolio' section on the website.



The Cats

Most companies gain inspiration from a variety of places from their creators’ lives. For Titch this is animals, and particularly her lovely pets. 

Meet Pipistrello, Skimble and Mittens! You may already recognise them from some of our product designs or other nods to them around our website. 

Anyone who has a pet knows that they can bring such joy into our lives and artists know how much these adorable fur babies can inspire us and our work. 

Whilst looking at our site why not see how many Easter Eggs of our cats you can find?



Contact us

Email: info@titchdesigns.co.uk
Phone/WhatsApp: 01795 470781
We are open Monday-Friday 9am until 5pm.
Appointments are needed and if needed weekend appointments can be arranged.



Titch Designs trading name of PCsof8 Limited 

Registered office: 34 Gaze Hill Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4SH

Company Registration Number: 8862026

VAT number: 1852592