Farm Series

Inspired by a farmers market, looking at country animals and still life images to convey this atmosphere. I used mediums ranging from chalk to etched prints.


Cat- Chalk on black construction paper

Apples- Top Left: Coloured Pencils, Top Right: Sketched and Bottom: Oil Pastels

Pears- Watercolours

Pepper 1- Sketch on parcel paper

Pepper 2- Sketched using biro pen

Pepper 3- Etched print

Pepper 4- Etched print with ink overlay

Duck- Printing ink transfer print on cartridge paper with map cutout

Cow- Wax oils

Bunny- Chalk on black construction paper

Farmhouse- Drawing ink sketch

Donkey- Chalk on cream construction paper

Tractor- Sketch

Pig- Background: zentangled using fineliner and marker over ink, Pig: chalk on cream construction paper


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