Emotions Portrait Series

Looking at facial expressions and colour theory to create dynamic pieces that demonstrate emotions.

Content- Chalk background with pencil sketch portrait

Anger- Coloured and graphite pencil sketch

Shy- Chalk and coloured pencil sketch

Confident- Crinkled tissue paper with a coloured pencil sketch

Confident (Final Piece)- Promarker

Bored- sketch

Ink print Bored- Printing ink transfer on parcel paper

Shocked- Wax oil drawing on black construction paper

Envy- Promarker

Sad- Sketch with chalk background and black construction paper boarder

Ink print Sad- printing ink transfer on a chalk background on construction paper with neon pen patterns

Angry- Chalk and pencil sketch

Happy- sketch

Happy (Pop Art)- Promarker

Happy (Digital Pop Art)- Digitally altered image to create Pop Art using Photoshop from 'Happy (Pop Art)'

Disgusted- Chalk and coloured pencil on black construction paper with promaker and pen on parcel paper (mouth) and coloured pencil sketch on newspaper (eyes)


Depressed- Wax oil with pencil sketch on parcel paper (top eye), pencil sketch on newspaper (eye) and printing ink transfer sketch on a map (lips)


Anxious- Pencil sketch with oil pastel (lips and eye)


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