S/S 24 Trends to Watch

90's nostalgia
This trend is still persisting.
Think Grey suits, boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts, tie dye, short shorts, and pastel pink.


Floral Decorations

In the last S/S fashion weeks we saw a lot of exaggerated floral embellishments including prints, three dimensional appliques and floral silhouette.


Playful Sports Club

Think preppy but with a twist.

This is a really interesting trend that combines the fun elements of clothing decoration, such as sequins and ruffles, with the plainer sportswear clothing such as sports jerseys and running tops.



Since the Pandemic handcrafts such as knitting, crochet and macrame have been on the rise. These lifestyle trends have crept over into the fashion world and for a while have been making waves. We have seen in recent collections that laser cutting, painting, macrame and basically anything crafty have been popping up to create some really interesting pieces.



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