What does the Colour of the Year tell us about the year ahead?

Pantone has done it again and provided the design world with its colour of the year. For 2024 it is none other than Pantone 13-1023 or Peach Fuzz.

What is the colour of the year?

Starting in 2000, Pantone have released a colour that they believe will be relevant not only with design but also with the global mindset and affairs for each year. In 2016 they released not just one colour but two for the first time as Pantone felt that the two were equally as important: Serenity and Rose Quartz. They did this again in 2021 which is no surprise with the wealth of emotions that the world was feeling at the time.


Why Peach Fuzz?

I think the world is surprised with Peach Fuzz as for the past 3 years we have had vivid colour choices to represent warmth, encouragement, and optimism. This year however the choice of Peach Fuzz seems softer. Reminiscent of skin and the sensation of touch, I believe that this is a sign that the world is finally beginning to move back to pre-covid norms, and we are beginning to reconnect with people.

Last year was turbulent for many reasons such as war, a cost of living crisis and people navigating their regained independence from the pandemic, so it makes sense that the colour that was chosen for 2023 was Viva Magenta.

It represented strength, independence and was an uplifting shade that really did make you feel joy when you looked at it. Comparing it to 2024’s choice it feels like a stark contrast.

Peach Fuzz feels calming, collective and makes you want to come together with others.


What does it mean for the year ahead?

2024 seems like a year full of elections including the US election in November which is already creating a manic feel amongst the public. However, does that not just bring people together more? There are a lot of reasons why people are being drawn together from the fallout of the pandemic to the persisting turmoil of 2023 such as the Gaza conflict, the continuing Russia Ukraine conflict, and the climate crisis. All these causes are drawing us together to fight for a better future.

Even though Peach Fuzz would not be my choice it does feel very aped for the publics mindset currently and I can understand why it is trending. This should be a sign that hopefully the year ahead is going to be a comforting one that is looking bright and one with lots of memories made with loved ones once again!

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