Book Review- Why 'The Great Gatsby' has regained relevance in today’s world.

Aww a fantastical experience depicting the need for escapism and yet a sense of foreboding lurking beneath the smiles. As an avid reader not only of fiction but also the mundane topics of news articles, I found that ‘The Great Gatsby’ lives up to its hype purely due the reliability within today’s society. It is ironic that this book written a century earlier in the same decade of its time should be as relatable today as back then.

Let me explain; we may have not been to war, but we did fight a war against a deadly virus that has changed the publics perception on what life should be like. The rise of the ‘enlighten’ and ‘mindfullness’ culture is directly linked to the pandemic we faced at the start of 2020. A war may have changed the opinions of the young minds of the 1920’s but we can still feel the pressures and unsettled mindset of the flapper era. More prominently so than that of the United States where the book is set, here in the Uk we have a great pressure weighing on us with the cost-of-living crisis and the looming dread of a war in Europe. The whole atmosphere of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is similar with that of the atmosphere in the UK. Lost dreams and hopes scathed, if there is one book to read as a lost 20 something this is it.

The whole idea of living our best lives to try and ignore the multiple pressures makes me wonder if we will be part of this societies lost generation just as the young people of the 1920 and 30s were for theirs. We have been told we can achieve whatever we want but the gap between the ultra-rich and everyday people is becoming incredibly apparent by the day with every newspaper article outlining governmental failures, strike action and horrific wars.

The key thing about ‘The Great Gatsby’ is that it is sad. Not because of the books story (which is upsetting in itself) but mainly due to relating to the characters ever so much. The lost love and hopes of a generation reaching for greatness missing the mark due to lost opportunities and a crumbling economy. As a store owner this is extremely clear when the UK high street has been crumbling for years and exasperated by the pandemic.

My overall opinion is that this book is a must read for anyone who is lost. It is a story about not letting opportunities pass you by even if it’s difficult because you may not get another chance.  

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